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ABA Services in McAdenville, NC

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315 Wesleyan Dr.
McAdenville, NC 28101

Direct Phone (to contact local Clinic Admin): 
(704) 271-3111
Company Phone (for intake, Billing, and other general inquiries): (919) 371-2848

Clinic Director: Ashley Conforti
For Intake/Application Questions, please contact:
[email protected]

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Clinic Director: Ashley Conforti

Ashley’s journey into the world of ABA began through a lecture series that she attended in undergrad. From there her interest was then reinforced by volunteering at a local ABA provider, leading her to pursue becoming a BCBA.

From consulting in group homes, assisting individuals with disabilities to be more independent within the home and community setting, consulting within a school setting for individuals who engaged in challenging behaviors, and partaking in a research grant; Ashley has worked across various settings over the past six years and is dedicated to ensuring individuals diagnosed with ASD have access to individualized and high-quality ABA services across all ages.

insurance coverage

Accepting most major insurance carriers

Kind Behavioral Health accepts most major insurance carriers with an ABA benefit. If you aren’t sure or need assistance confirming your coverage, one of our Authorization Specialists can help.