ABA Insights: Who’s Who on an ABA Treatment Team?

ABA Insights: Who’s Who on an ABA Treatment Team?

When a family begins ABA treatment, they are paired with an ABA treatment team.  This ABA treatment team has many key players. Let’s dive into who these members are and the different roles that they play.  

The leader of a treatment team is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). A BCBA has several responsibilities on a treatment team.  These responsibilities include conducting assessments to identify appropriate goals based on client needs and preferences.  In addition, the BCBA develops teaching strategies to reach these goals, trains other team members on teaching strategies, and makes adjustments to treatment goals as needed. 

The main implementor of ABA sessions are Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs). An RBT is responsible for implementing teaching strategies designed by the BCBA with the clients they work with during their sessions. 

The other key players on an ABA treatment team are the clients participating in sessions and their caregivers. A BCBA and RBT team will collaborate with the client and their caregivers to learn about their long-term goals as well as preferences to identify the most appropriate goals and treatment procedures. In addition, BCBAs will conduct caregiver training sessions with caregivers to teach them to implement ABA treatment strategies in their home to help promote the generalization and maintenance of skills outside of ABA sessions.  

While each member of an ABA treatment team plays different roles, all are vital to the success of a treatment team. All of these team members work collaboratively together to ensure that progress towards treatment goals are met.  

Written By: Lauren Broadwell, BCBA