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ABA Services in Midtown Charlotte

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3820 Randolph Heights Dr.Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28205

Direct Phone (to contact local Clinic Admin): 
(980) 819-0010
Company Phone (for intake, Billing, and other general inquiries): (919) 371-2848


Clinic Director: Michelle Moore

For Intake/Application Questions, please contact:
[email protected]

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Clinic Director: Michelle Moore

Michelle has been working/volunteering with individuals with ID/D and/or ASD for the last 13+ years! From various summer camps for adults and children with ID/D, to broad experience as an exceptional children’s teacher before moving exclusively into ABA, to developing the educational program at the TRACK program, Michelle comes with a diverse background in ABA. Since starting as an RBT with KBH, Michelle has completed her Master’s coursework in ABA and all supervised fieldwork hours as an RBT with KBH. Currently serving as Safety Care Trainer, Apprentice Oversight, and Clinic Lead, Michelle is passionate about individualizing services, increasing independence, and reduction of challenging behaviors.

insurance coverage

Accepting most major insurance carriers

The Carolina Center for ABA and Autism Treatment accepts most major insurance carriers with an ABA benefit. If you aren’t sure or need assistance confirming your coverage, one of our Authorization Specialists can help.