Autism Education

Autism Education

About ABA

The Gold Standard Treatment ​

Over 40 years of research has demonstrated that ABA can be used to teach new skills and improve challenging behavior for a wide range of learners. Treatment based on ABA has been endorsed by several prominent organizations, including:

Intro to aba

The ABCs of Learning

Applied behavior analysis focuses on the relationship between behavior and the environment in which it occurs. The term environment is used broadly to refer to the behavior of others, items, and sensory input. An easy way to remember the learning process is the ABC’s of Learning.

the environment before the behavior occurred

the action of a person

the environment after the behavior occurred

How Behavior Change Programs are Structured
Applied behavior analysis is a science which examines the relationship between behavior and the environment in which it occurs. As a science, it relies heavily on the collection and analysis of data. Behavior change programs typically follow five steps.

The information above is a brief introduction to ABA. More Info on ABA is available, and if you are interested in a more interactive way to learn, please reach out to one of our staff members about our Intro to ABA Training.


Overview of ASD

Some early behavioral patterns include:
  • Delayed communication
  • Signs of distress if routines are disrupted
  • Excessive interest with an item
  • Using objects in a repetitive manner
  • Lack of interest in others
  • Repetitive speech that is not directed to another person
Generally, symptoms are observed during the first 12 to 24 months, but they can also occur earlier or later than that period
Interested in learning more about autism? Check out our In-Depth Overview of ASD.

Community outreach

Local learning opportunities

We’re proud to offer the following educational events and learning opportunities:
  • Intro to ABA sessions (offered monthly)
  • Lunch and Learn opportunities (by appointment only)