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Available Programs

Meeting needs for a variety of learners

KBH's Service Offerings

Kind Behavioral Health offers several programs to meet the needs of a variety of learners.

All services are individualized to meet the needs of a specific client; however, there are specialized programs that concentrate on subskills related to the deficits of ASD.

To familiarize families with the services provided by our organization, a brief description of our programs is provided below.

Early Intervention

For young learners up to age 3 who need to acquire foundational learning, communication, and social skills.

Targeted skills may include:

  • Playing with toys
  • Developing a communication system
  • Learning to learn
General Treatment for ASD

For clients who need to acquire communication and social interaction skills and who engage in restricted or repetitive behavior.

Targeted skills may include:

  • Assessment and treatment of challenging behavior
  • Asking for help
  • Labeling items and pictures
  • Play behavior
Classroom Readiness

A program designed to behaviorally prepare clients for success in school.

Targeted skills may include:

  • Participating in large and small groups
  • Transitioning between activities and environments
  • Social interactions with peers
Social Skills Groups

Provides structured opportunities to learn complex social and communication skills with similar-age peers.

Targeted skills may include:

  • Initiating conversations
  • Using appropriate body language
Group Family Training
Training provided directly to families in a group setting on how to use principles of ABA when working with your child outside of therapy.
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