For Clinicians

For Clinicians

Why KBH?

Improving the lives of children with autism

The work we do at KBH isn’t just impactful and life-changing for our clients – it is rewarding and inspiring for our team members as well. The leadership of KBH believes its clinical team members are its greatest asset and are constantly seeking ways to help them be successful and to focus on what they do best – which is provide outstanding clinical care!

Clinicians at KBH are provided:

  • A mentor BCBA to help with challenging cases, guide learning and steward professional development
  • In-house CEUs on topics relevant to client needs
  • Clinic, home, and community-based clients pairings
  • Opportunities for role expansion and career advancement as part of a growing organization
  • Participation in “The KBH Way” professional development program, including structured, twice-annual performance reviews
  • Proprietary training and development programs
  • Digital practice management software

Beyond direct services, the team at KBH is passionate about helping the broader community of individuals with ASD and the field of behavior analysis. To do this, our colleagues co-author research in peer-reviewed publications, present at state-wide conference, and organize community outreach events.

Do you want to change the lives of children with Autism?


Are you ready for training and mentorship that will support you in your career goals and allow you to grow? If you are looking for a meaningful role that delivers outstanding quality care and exceptional training, then joining the Kind Behavioral Health team as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) is a good fit for you! Follow along with one of our talented RBTs as she shares a day in the life at KBH.

Community of Clinicians

Life-giving relationships

We believe in creating an environment in which exceptional people can think big, have fun, do good, and be kind.

Through our formal and informal mentor relationships, easy access to knowledgeable peers within our clinics, and feedback positive culture, KBH prides itself on its community of clinicians and the support our team feels when facing challenges. We’re always looking to grow our team with the next “rockstar” clinician/colleague/mentor/friend.

Our values

Shaping the lives around us

  • Enabling access to high-quality care
  • Delivering remarkable outcomes & exceeding client expectations
  • Advancing & disseminating the practice of behavior analysis
  • Promoting a diverse and inclusive society that enables access to broader opportunities for all stakeholders
  • Promoting a culture of ownership, accountability & proactive problem solving (“if it is to be, it’s up to me”)
  • Enabling and fostering an inclusive meritocracy
  • Continuously striving to improve ourselves and the organization
  • Driving professional development through apprenticeship & mentorship
  • Valuing individuals and respecting outside commitments
  • Consistently high-integrity, striving to do the right thing in a manner that is honest, ethical, and genuine
  • Maintaining client and fellow employee confidentiality
  • Committing to teamwork and open communication
  • Actively practicing intellectual humility (“strong opinions, weakly held”)
  • Adhering to evidence-based practices & data-based decision making

Committed to quality

Our standard of care

KBH is proud to offer its clients access to premium behavioral services based on the most recent behavior analytic research.

We invest in our staff by creating opportunities where staff can gain the hands-on experience they need to make meaningful differences in people’s lives. KBH requires our BCBAs to supervise their client’s care at an average rate of at least 20% of the direct treatment hours. This fidelity to the BACB’s guidance allows us to drive more frequent and rapid program modifications for our clients and professional feedback for our RBTs.

Additionally, KBH is an Authorized Continuing Education Provider (ACE), which means our team has access to training on topics they need and can work directly with the instructors or co-presenters.

Here to help

Proud to partner with you

Are you a healthcare provider looking to refer your clients/patients for ABA treatment? Our teams thrive in collaborative environments and are committed to partnering with other professionals in North Carolina to produce the best outcomes for our clients.

KBH regularly collaborates with:

  • Psychologists
  • Teachers
  • Speech Language Pathologist
  • Other healthcare professionals

If your organization would like to discuss a collaboration opportunity or learn more about ABA, please reach out to our administrative staff.


Interested in a career at KBH?

Use our list of recommended steps below.
  • Look at the available positions in the job listings section or check our calendar to see if there is an upcoming community outreach event where you can meet some of team members
  • Check out Our Values to see if you think you would be a good fit for our organization
  • Complete the application for an open position

Yes, KBH has a team of LPs and LPAs who partner with our BCBAs to create and maintain clinical programs and oversee all of our services. These relationships are fully in compliance with the NC Psychology Practice Act and provided at no cost to our BCBAs.

Join our team

Make a difference

Kind Behavioral Health is committed to improving the lives of individuals with ASD, their families, and their surrounding communities. Through upholding high professional standards and creating an environment in which exceptional people can think big, have fun, do good and be kind, KBH is the leading organization for clinician training and quality care in North Carolina.