Supporting Our Employees: The Buddy Program at CCABA

Supporting Our Employees: The Buddy Program at CCABA

At CCABA, we take pride in our commitment to nurturing a supportive and inclusive work environment. One of the key initiatives that underscores our dedication to this cause is the Buddy Program. Designed to welcome and empower new team members, this program has proven to be an asset in helping newcomers acclimate to their roles more effectively and efficiently.

What is the Buddy Program? 

Our Buddy Program is a meticulously structured 6-week onboarding initiative aimed at empowering new team members. Its primary objectives include enhancing role clarity, providing personalized support, and fostering engagement. Within this program, each fresh recruit is paired with a seasoned Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), affectionately referred to as a “Buddy.” Buddies are selected based on their exemplary performance and reputation among their peers and co-workers. These individuals serve as role models, using their own experiences to guide new team members through various situations they may encounter during their early days at CCABA.

Efficacy of the Buddy Program

 You may wonder, does the Buddy Program really work? The answer is a resounding yes. According to research conducted by A. White, in the article titled “Buddying at Onboarding,” 56% of new team members who met with their Buddy at least once within the first 90 days reported that their Buddy played a pivotal role in enhancing their productivity in their respective roles. This satisfaction rate significantly increased to 97% for those who had more extensive interactions with their Buddy, meeting eight times or more (2020). Furthermore, new hires who had the privilege of a Buddy felt 36% more satisfied with their onboarding experience compared to those who did not have the benefit of such a partnership. For more detailed information, you can read the article “Buddying at Onboarding”.

Responsibilities of a Buddy

Buddies play a multifaceted role in supporting our new team members. Their responsibilities include: 

– Offering advice and guidance regarding day-to-day role responsibilities. 

– Providing encouragement and reinforcement for all successes and achievements.

– Enhancing role clarity and conveying CCABA’s mission and values.

– Advocating for the needs of new team members while encouraging self-advocacy and empowerment. 

– Collecting feedback from new team members and sharing it with relevant teams for continuous improvement. 

What a Buddy Does Not Do

While Buddies are instrumental in various aspects of new team member support, it is essential to clarify areas where they are not responsible:

– Providing clinical mentorship or feedback.

– Performing job functions or ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) skills on behalf of new team members.

How Can I Become a Buddy?

If you are interested in contributing to our Buddy Program and becoming a Buddy yourself, we welcome your enthusiasm! Please reach out to [XYZ] to schedule an information session and learn more about how you can play a pivotal role in supporting our new team members through this invaluable initiative.

In conclusion, our Buddy Program at CCABA stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to our employees’ growth, development, and overall job satisfaction. Through this program, we create a nurturing environment where new team members can thrive and contribute meaningfully to our mission. Join us in fostering a workplace culture that prioritizes support, empowerment, and camaraderie through our Buddy Program.